Choose Babysitter or Daycare, These Strengths and Weaknesses

Mothers who will return to work may still be confused looking for a support system to care for children. Select babysitter or daycare (daycare)? All depends on the needs of each family. Come on, we look together strengths and weaknesses of each. Leaving your little one to work in an office makes you need to really choose a reliable system. Babysitters or daycare can be an option, especially if there are no family members or relatives who can be trusted to care for your child. Mother who is still confused in choosing between the two, the things below might be considered. Flexibility of Babysitters at Home Babysitters or professional baby or child caregivers generally have gone through early childhood care training. Babysitters usually live with family so they are more flexible and free in caring for children. In addition to flexibility, other advantages of sharing care with a babysitter include: The child stays at home so that care is more stable and consistent. Research says th
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